Looking for a Trusted Used Car Dealership? Check These Easy Steps to Find Them!

UPDATED: July 25, 2019

One of the most nerve-wracking aspects of buying a used or new car is to determine whether the vehicle will last long enough.  Of course, as a wise person you don’t want to waste your hard-earn money to defective products, right?

Car selling industry is now booming in today’s era, that’s why there are hundreds even thousands of independent and in-house auto sales car dealership are running their business around the globe. And of course, with that huge numbers, finding the right and reliable one is difficult. As a buyer, you want to make sure that the money you’ve invested in the product (used or a new car) is money-worthy.

So to help you avoid finding the bad one, this article outlined some steps and tips you can follow to find a reliable and trustworthy car dealership.

Ready now? Okay, start your engine and continue to read on!

Reliable Car Dealership Should Have CPO Used Vehicles 

CPO or commonly known as Certified Pre-Owned is a type of used vehicles.  When a used car is labeled as CPO, it means that the vehicles were leased or used by someone else before. A used car will only be labeled as CPO if the used car has undergone some inspection, reconditioning process, refurbished, and has been certified by the car’s manufacturer or other car certifying organization. The used vehicle must pass this inspection process in order to be certified. Oftentimes, CPO used vehicles include an extended warranty, additional benefits, and special financing.

Because of this, many consumers who purchase used vehicles are looking for this certification on car dealerships used car inventory.  So when planning to buy a used car, make sure that the dealership can provide a CPO. If the car dealership can’t provide any of these on their used vehicles, then maybe that car dealership is not meant for you. Though there are still trustworthy car dealerships that don’t have this CPO program on their vehicles but make sure that they have other warranties to cover. 

How to Spot a Reliable Car Dealership Near You? 

Like what was mentioned above, some used vehicles in other car dealership doesn’t have CPO programs, but these used vehicles also receive other certification that conducts an inspection, refurbished, and reconditioning process. To make it up with the CPO program, some car dealership will offer their buyers other warranties such as a 30-day up to 90-day guarantee that the used vehicles will pass the inspection and emission tests.

However, if you pick an independent car dealership, take note that you need to exert a little more effort. Check the car dealership website and other social media platforms, look for the previous customer’s feedback regarding the used vehicle they had purchased. You can join some car forums or have it legit check with the other members, ask for their feedback and so on.

In addition, repeat customers will have the best opinion about the car dealership you have chosen, ask them in a nice way regarding their experience when they bought their used car from that car dealership. Remember, word of mouth is one of the best main sources to know if a certain business is reliable or not.

If you are looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and follow CPO program on their used vehicles, check out the post right here.

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