Truth Of Drinking Deionised Water

UPDATED: November 22, 2019

Water you drink regularly is actually decontaminated and filtered that makes it really safe to drink. However, drinking water has minerals, referred as ions, like magnesium, sodium, and iron. Water deionization takes out the minerals to create pure water. Whereas there are some uses for the deionised water, and removing minerals isn’t always very good.

Nothing Wrong With the Minerals

Even though water isn’t the significant source of magnesium and calcium, it helps to contribute in your daily requirements. Drinking the deionised water actually restricts your intake of the essential nutrients. Both calcium and magnesium are very important for your bone health. Besides supporting the bone health, the magnesium and calcium in water might be very good for heart. World Health Organization or WHO reports that the water with very low magnesium levels is linked with the higher heart disease.

Thirst and Taste

Minerals present in water contribute to its taste and WHO notes that the people do not like taste of the deionised water whenever they drink it. Whereas your taste buds might adjust to tasteless water with time, you might seek other beverages in interim that might include poor health-promoting options like soda. In addition, WHO reports deionized water isn’t as the thirst-quenching water with minerals.

deionised waterToxic Metals And Its Risk

Suppose you get the deionised water from tap, you might be at risk from toxic metal contamination. The deionised water is susceptible in attracting metals that are found in the plumbing than the mineralized water as it is the less stable type of water. Magnesium and calcium present in the regular water might help to prevent accumulation of the toxic substances in the drinking water just by stabilizing your water & acting as the antitoxic substances.

How Does It Affect Your Health?

Whereas there might be a few concerns over how the deionised water will affect your overall health, mineral-free water actually has the purpose that might indirectly better your health with time. Water is generally used as a base for testing the air quality. Suppose water used for testing air contained the minerals, you will not get the accurate reading on what is present in the air. It is used for testing the soil quality for the farmers that might affect nutrients that are found in foods grown in the farm. For most of the people, however, there must be significant health impact that you need to be careful.

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