Replacement of teeth is now made easy

UPDATED: June 25, 2021

A dental implant can s an implant that is used in the place of missing teeth to do functions of the missing teeth. Generally many people know that replacement of teeth is done by dentures or fixed partial dentures but nowadays dental implant singapore demand Is increased because people are willing to get implants fixed due to its advantages.

Surgery Process 

In dental implant surgery, the flap is cut and bone is guttered and a screw made up of titanium is fixed inside that socket and flap suturing is done. Now the screw should intertwine with the surrounding bone. Check for integration of the bone with a screw. For some people, bone is not sufficient, so their bone graft is added si that it helps in the integration of both screw with bone.

After successful osseointegration of implant with bone, the crown is placed on it. Either the crown is screwed over the integrated part of the implant or it is fixed with dental.

Around the implant placed in the socket, bone cells should start forming generally but for a few, they won’t start forming cells so even they need a bine graft. These bone grafts when placed there they cause bine cells generation and osseointegration of implant and the process gets successful.


A dental implant has many advantages, as it is a minimally invasive process. It replaces the tooth without causing any damage to the other teeth. Generally in fixed partial dentures, there is a need to grind both the teeth beside the missing teeth area and only then teeth are replaced. But in implant, there is no need to destroy other teeth structures

Dental implants are advised to people even with multiple missing teeth. Even if total all teeth are not there then also dental implant can be placed.

These dental implants will help individual happily chew food on the side of the implant, so as avoid indigestion problems.

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