Best review monitoring for customer reviews

UPDATED: December 22, 2020

Our software can provide you with a thorough business reputation analysis of your business reviews online by giving you a comprehensive view of your reputation online. By using online reviews management software like weave you can easily see a clear line of growth as well as productivity.

  1. Best online review management dashboard

With the help of the industry’s most customizable role-based dashboards, you are able to design your preferred layout by utilizing the robust filters which are based on ratings, source, data, review site, marketing campaign type, and many more.

  1. Best business reporting

The weave online review management software consists of competitive rankings, ratings as well as reviews over time, timeline reports, with some customizable filters, and it even shows if your listings are consistent. All the email reports along with the detailed graphs show you your net promoter score and it can also be customized in order to match your brand identity as well as the company logo.

  1. Most review sites reviewed

Our software also monitors the most reviewed sites of any other online review management service, which as a result ensures you to have the widest coverage as well as reduces the risk of missing any of the review opportunities.

Best way to generate reviews

We provide you with the most versatile online review management software which has marketing campaigns and also market research surveys that are designed around your business in order to get more of the customer feedback that can easily be converted into public reviews online.

  1. Global access to online reviews

We offer you some of the different languages as well as automated campaigns that are completely customizable and even timed perfectly.

  1. Visual preview of your review generation

We offer you a panoramic view of your complete online review flow on a single interactive screen within your review management software.

  1. Customer market research surveys

We also provide you with complete customizable surveys that will let you know easily how your clients feel and think about your product or your services.

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