Best Advice to Stay Away From Thoughts That KeepYou Broke

UPDATED: January 2, 2019

Do you know that your thoughts can prevent you from being rich?

If you’re an entrepreneur, your thoughts play a crucial part in helping you succeed— or go broke. You read that right. Your mind can keep you from having lots of money. Your limiting beliefs, misled thoughts, and incorrect mind-sets are keeping you broke.

If you don’t want to be broke, then you should stop dreaming of wealth. Don’t spend your time thinking about how wonderful it would be if you were rich. Instead, look for ways on how to look for cheap businesses to get into.

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But in this blog post, let’s talk more about the thoughts and mind sets that are keeping you broke.

Start Changing Your Thoughts and Mind Set

Sometimes, it’s okay to dream about several “what ifs” in your life. Butif you want to become successful and rich, you should stop dreaming and starting doing because dreaming alone won’t get you anywhere.

Are you wondering what those thoughts that keep you from being rich are? Take a look at the following:

  1. “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”

Don’t ever tell yourself that phrase, rather think about this, “I can do that tomorrow”.

Every day, there’s a new “tomorrow”.  Therefore, there’s no actual date for your action to take place. If you want to be rich, you should stop delaying things. Remember, procrastination can halt your financial progress.

Broke people delay things because they think everything will just magically work out. They don’t take much responsibility for their current financial situation. Also, they’reaware of how much control they actually have over it.

Successful people don’t do those things. They make an action immediately, they don’t procrastinate. They earn so much money because they often take matters into their own hands. Instead of waiting for the opportunity to come, they seek every possible way to make money.


  1. “I Already Know How to Do That”

Know-it-all’s are often broke because they have a lot of pride. They don’t want to hurt their dignity by asking someone for help. Those kinds of people feel like they’re the best, so they refuse to learn from someone who’s better than them.

You’re likely to stay broke for the rest of your life if you have that kind of mentality. This is because that’s not how rich people think.

Rich and successful people are always listening, asking questions, reading books, and continuously learning. They clearly understand the importance of asking someone who’s better than them. If there’s something they need to know, they won’t just ask anyone – they’ll ask an expert.

If you want to be rich and successful, you should find a mentor. Don’t ever pretend that you can figure everything out by yourself.

  1. “I Can’t Do It”

You can’t achieve success if you keep telling yourself that you can’t do anything. If you want to attract big and small business opportunities, then you need to start thinking that you can do it.

If you’re thinking that you can’t do anything, it’s more likely that you’re just procrastinating.  You see, poor people only choose to do what’s easy and that’s why their life is hard.

Rich people do the opposite. They accept challenges and that’s the reason why their life is easy. There’s nothing to lose if you try. Besides, how can you know if you can do something if you’re not trying to do it, right?

You’ll never know what lies ahead if you succeed in doing things that are far beyond your capabilities. Who knows? Maybe the key to your success is just behind that task you’re refusing to do.

Final Thoughts

Start attracting big and small business opportunities today by starting to think and act like how a successful entrepreneur acts.

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