UPDATED: July 11, 2019

We are all living in the twenty-first century. Everything that we use in today’s world has gone through various stages of evolution to come into the current stage. Money, was used in ancient times as means of trade. Money in those days were measured in gold and silver, and several other precious metals and stones. But money in today’s terms refers to cash and credit, and even the uses of money is a lot more complex and larger than what used to be several years ago. Money has slowly become one of the basic units of modern life.

One of the most popular forms of money in today’s age is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a digital form of money secured with complex encryption techniques. They are used all over the world for hassle-free dealing and transactions.


There are several benefits of using cryptocurrencies. It is mostly used because the whole process is hassle-free and saves a lot of time as well. Three of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency are Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

One of the major benefits of using cryptocurrency is that it effectively deletes the use of the middle man in monetary transactions. The middle man in monetary transactions take up a particular fee and are sometimes the home of a lot of troubles. Even for small exchanges, they have a use, but if cryptocurrencies are used, it becomes a direct transaction without the help of any middle-man. Other than that, the whole thing becomes a lot more confidential than any other forms of monetary transaction. Generally, cryptocurrencies are exchanged in an independent way, that is, without the interference of the government.

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Even the transaction fees while using cryptocurrencies is a lot less than normal cash exchanges. Plus, cryptocurrencies, aid in international transaction like no other form of money. All these factors are amongst a few that built the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

BITCOIN ATM’s– Bitcoin Atm’s are one of the best ways to get your bitcoin. There are several bitcoin atm available all over the world, where you can get real bitcoin by exchanging cash or using your debit card. These atm’s also allow both the buying and selling of bitcoin using cash or cards. These machines have effectively made getting and using bitcoin much easier than before. You can find these atm’s in retail stores and other public places all across the world.

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