Strapless Bra for Women With Heavier Breasts

UPDATED: March 29, 2021

If you are blessed with bigger breasts then bra shopping becomes a tedious task. Finding the good fitting strapless bra is not a simple task especially if you have the big chest. It can be a real nightmare. There is plenty of prodding, poking, adjusting, and flopping involved when it comes to buying the right strapless bra for big busts, and if you need to deal with this, you know how must awful it feels. Let us check out some important points here:

Selecting the Best Strapless Bra

  • Find the right bra size: When buying the strapless bra, you must size down in a band & size up for your cup, as band is an only thing that supports your breasts properly (absence of straps). Thus, make sure fit is snug and not very tight.
  • Right cup size: In order to avoid spillage, you need to select a size up than the cup size, and you cannot have your mounds.
  • Get more hooks on the larger sizes: More hooks will help the strapless bra to fit rightly, particularly for the bigger sizes. As the band is an only support, it must be very thick & have 3 hooks.
  • Select a bra with molded and wiring cups: The molded cups help your breasts look defined & shapelier. Wiring offers shape and support. You must avoid bandeau bras & strapless bras without wiring, since these can make your breasts look unflattering & not shapely.

Final Words

Strapless bras have to fit firmly over your body, however because you do not have the right support of straps, you might have to go one cup size up so that it does not pinch the breasts & create ridge over the top. The good thing in the strapless bra is it has the grip strip or latex over your body to hold this in proper place as you do not have any additional support of these straps.

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