Best Way to Track Your Stats and Leaderboard

UPDATED: September 30, 2019

Fortnite Tracker

FPS Tracker is a beautiful website that is available to track player leaderboards and stats for all the popularized video games. It welcomes players from worldwide to access its services for free! Play your favorite game and track your Stats and Leaderboards with FPS Tracker without any hassle. This site offers five different types of trackers, namely Fortnite, Apex, CSGO, BF1, and Overwatch. This site has around 84 925 active users that are most popular to track all in-game statistics. Stay tuned by choosing one tracker among them to find top players on their leaderboards to compare and check on which position you exactly stand with your Stats.

Few Benefits of this Tracker:

  1. Till now this website has helped more than 71,195,898 Fortnite players with their stats and face the challenges, know stats of events happening and also follow their daily item shop! Be the next to avail their services that millions of users had accessed to track their winnings, killings, and tops! Use this tracker tool to monitor your performance and ratings either every month or once every year.
  2. Create your Fortnite account and use your epic username to find the status of other players. Leave your page open so that the dedicated team can access all the information regarding the players and allows them to know the number of games they played, kill stats and win/death ratios and other information about the players who are playing on the leaderboard from all across the world. This tracker auto-refreshes your page and captures all kinds of stats regarding your Fortnite matches.fps tracker
  3. All the trackers enable every player to face the challenges created by other players without any difficulty. They can know their match history and motivates the players to win the game and achieve the highest ranking. Know your stats and leaderboard to upgrade your skills and enter into the next level to get listed among the top 10 or 25.
  4. Have a fair comparison of your leaderboard gameplay with other players and get motivated to manage your stats well to attain global ranking. Use this tracker to keep an eye on your stats that allow you to best stack up against other players.
  5. The players who hold an account in any of their five trackers are required to leave their game page left open so that their dedicated team performs comprehensive research about various stats. It also allows them to know their position and top 13 players participating from all around the world. It is thus a fantastic tracking platform that helps the players to stay relevant to their stats and leaderboards along with other players.


Are you in search of a tracking tool that lets you track your Stats and Leaderboard? Become an active user of fpstracker.com to avail their services offered for free! Till now, many players have benefited this site to know the number of matches played by them, their winnings/death ratios and those players who are on top position throughout the world.

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