When and Why To Use Any Proxy Server?

UPDATED: April 23, 2019

The proxy servers have actually taken security and privacy to the new levels. They allow you to browse internet without any fear of detection that introduces many pros & cons. You may securely access any of your favorite sites and perform your work privately; however likewise, hackers will roam undetected.

What’s Proxy Server?

Proxy server is the computer application, which receives & transmits requests for the information and resources from the other servers. No matter if you want the secure connection, file, piece of information and other support, the TPB proxy service intermediates for you. They will safeguard your identity from server from where you get information or connection.

Situations When You Need Proxy Server

There’re many reasons why you will need the proxy server, and all relate to the privacy or computer s performance. Here’re some common reasons you will need the proxy server:

 Access websites anonymously – It is one common use of the proxy server. Suppose you’re ever out of country, soon you will realize there are many websites & programs (like video streaming apps) that you can’t access. It is because some governments restrict an access to some websites, and lots of programs online adapt for some countries. You may use Virtual Private Network or VPN to disguise the location and get access to the restricted sites. The VPN essentially makes server believe you are in the different country and one that has got unrestricted access. The hackers, criminals or others that require anonymity use this software to mask the identity on regular basis.

Pirate Bay Proxy

 Eavesdrop – Suppose you want to eavesdrop on somebody, you may use proxy server for doing so. CIA, FBI or other agencies do this daily to detect terrorists or others who pose any threat to the national security. They make use of proxy servers for monitoring the key phrases on the social media & search engines, like how to build the bomb.  The hackers also make use of proxy servers for collecting the people’s passwords or other private information to steal the identity and spread viruses.

Filter content – You may use proxy server to filter web content on the specific computer. The parents find it very useful to filter what their kids see. The schools find it very useful for enforcing computer & web browsing policies.

Bypass filters – The proxy servers also can bypass the existing filters. Generally, parents don’t need to worry of kids checking out how they do it, unless, their kid is computer whiz at early age.

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