Fancy a Swedish Ride?

UPDATED: December 6, 2018

If you’re a traveler, you will be well aware of the significance of taxi services in any place you visit. Especially, if you’re travelling to a foreign country, to a place that you’re unaccustomed to, a language which you’re not familiar with, people who cannot understand you and whom you cannot understand, it can be quite easy for you to get lost and confused. Hence, the taxi in Stockholm is the best mode for travelling.


In a place like Stockholm in Sweden, the taxi in Stockholm would be your best way to commute from one place to another. Taking a taxiwould also ensure that you can explore the place without having to worry about finding locations on your own. Also, taking a taxiwould minimize the chances of you getting lost in the milieu of strange faces which can be quite an unnerving experience.

It should also be noted that finding a taxi in Stockholm is very easy and convenient. There are many taxi services in Sweden which can cater to your need of finding transport. Moreover, a taxi in Stockholm is a fairly priced means of commutation in the country. It means that you do not have to go through the hassle of asking for directions each time you decide to go out and explore the nearby places. Going by taxiwould spare you the inconvenience of trying to grasp an unfamiliar language and make yourself understood.At the same time, when you ask the locals for directions, unless of course, your skill in Swedish is something that you’re proud of.

Most importantly, taking a taxi in Stockholm is the safest way for you to travel within the region if you’re a lone traveler. Not only will it help you stay away from the wrong places but will also help you to keep a safe distance from the wrong kind of people who have the intentions of robbing tourists.


The taxi services in Stockholm are available in plenty. The vehicles can be recognized with their yellow number plates which also signify they are the property of a certified taxi service provider.

There are many such taxi service providers that you can choose from. The fares of the taxis vary according to their own policies as the Swedish government does not regulate the prices of such services. The customers are advised to check the fares with the concerned authority prior to boarding the vehicle. To make it convenient for the customers, a fare chart is displayed on the rear window of the vehicle which clearly displays the various prices and the distances covered. Since the taxi in Stockholm provided by these providers are metered, the chances of getting conned are next to negligible. The metered taxis display accurate fares and when the customer is already aware of the charges, there should not be any discrepancy afterwards.

All the prices are calculated and indicated in Swedish kronor, which is the currency of Sweden. The highest fare of a conventional taxi ranges from SEK 290- SEK 390.  However, the airport taxi services follow a different price chart. A trip to or from the Stockholm Arlanda Airport may cost you somewhere around SEK 450- SEK 500. The other taxis have a meter chart which calculates the fares based on a distance of 10 kilometers or duration of 15 minutes.

How to get a taxi in Stockholm?

You have multiple options of getting a taxi in Sweden just like you get one in your own country. The best and more reliable way of getting one is to call a taxi in Stockholm service provider and book one to the desired location and at the preferable time. That way, you can ensure that by the time you’re ready to set off, your ride is waiting for you. This is the most time-saving and most convenient way.

If you do not get to book a taxi, do not despair, as you can hail one on the road. The charges would not differ as all the yellow plated taxis follow the same metered fare chart. The only time the price can differ is if it’s for airport services.

There is also a taxi centre at the Central Station where you can find a taxi according to your preference. They also allow the benefit of asking for privileges like child seats, etc. so you can be assured of a safe and comfortable ride.

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